Digital publishing house

Initial Situation

The giant newspaper publisher is the market leader in the German print industry and is active with its subsidiaries, joint ventures and licenses in more than 40 countries.

More than 40% of sales are earned in international business. The company is traditionally strong in marketing and niche advertising.

Supplemental to this informative and entertaining journalism in the net is a sustainable business model. Via networking with digital start-up-companies, the digital publisher consistently follows the goal of building up a highly profitable, growing digital portfolio and becoming the leading digital publisher. 

The HR management of the digital publisher primarily uses SAP GUI for structuring the established positions and jobs in the so-called job chart. Depending on the design, this variant is not sufficiently ergonomic for the integration of the management levels into the structuring.

Likewise the related personnel key figure assessments are distributed over various channels and applications.

The use of mobile end-devices is very broadly disseminated in the company. This increases the need to arrange the applications ergonomically for tablet PCs.



  • Introduction of OrgAlive® ORGAFILE
  • Presentation of the entire job chart incl. the employee data in first-class, ergonomic design
  • Authorization-specific access privileges
  • Direct data editing in OrgAlive® with transfer into the primary system
  • Linking the structure elements with the matching personnel key figures
  • Display of KPIs and structure elements next to each other
  • Development of a KPI-dashboards (ORGASTATUS)

Added value


  • Complete overview of the entire functional structure of the company
  • Bundling the KPI-assessments and statistics in the corresponding fields via the dashboard
  • Ergonomic surface for the information available in SAP-HCM
  • Easy information updating for jobs and established positions as well as their holders, also directly in the front-end system
  • Navigation in the application without knowledge of the existing HCM-Systems
  • Replacement of the monthly HR-Report with a daily online-report and full automation of this process with an enormous reduction in costs