The comprehensive HR-Reporting solution from OrgAlive aggregates all desired data, visualizes them in a clear form and so makes the way clear for you decisions.

Cruise into the future with current key figures that are at your fingertips automatically, regardless of where you are or what end-device you are using, all at the push of a button.

User-friendly Payroll with the provided API to Payroll-providers.


ORGASTATUS is an interactive dashboard for visualizing HR-related and decision-relevant key figures (KPIs). It acts as a Self-Service-Reporting-Tool and BI-Monitor for managers and HR-controllers.


  • Faster overview of key figures for the whole company
  • Access to the assessments depending on the authorization concept
  • Value ranges and presentation formats can be configured based on the KPI
  • Extensive export options (Excel, PDF)
  • Prognoses and risk assessments with threshold relevance
  • Selection of different topic areas with matching KPIs
  • Reportings of Payroll-related KPIs
  • Verbal explanations of the individual statistics and KPIs (configurable)
  • All layers and KPIs also available as retrospective and/or preview
  • Views for comparing quarters or prior year values


ORGAMAPS is an interactive system for visualizing organizational units (OUs) all the way to established positions as the smallest unit in the form of organizational charts. It acts as a Self-Service-Navigator for any number of employees for searching a company structured by OUs and from there calling up the matching, linked HR- data in the form of e.g. personnel files or OU-related statistics in the form of charts.

  • Fully automated generation of hierarchical OU-layers and organizational charts down to the established position levels for the entire company (also available in a single view)
  • Continuous zooming and navigation as in Google Maps thanks to high-performance technology
  • Extensive printing functions
  • Extensive full-text search by names, positions, qualifications, for example
  • KPIs can be called up for individual employees or entire OEs
  • Integration of social- and multi-media-content as option
  • Feedback module as option


ORGA(Geo)MAPS is an interactive web map system for visualization of company-specific statistics and charts on geographic maps.

It acts as self-service-navigator for Managers and HR-Controllers allowing them to research their data geographically and make regional comparisons.


  • World-wide map material and fully integrated via API in OrgAlive®
  • Presentation of diverse key figures
  • Location based Benchmarking


ORGA(Heat)MAPS based on ORGAMAPS and is an interactive system for visualization of company-specific statistics and charts on organizational charts. It acts as self-service-visualization for Managers and HR-Controllers, in order to be able to locate KPIs directly in the organizational structure.


  • OrgAlive® offers an innovation that sets it apart in the field of HR-Reporting and BI-Tools through interactively linking organizational charts and key figures
  • Opportunities and risks can be immediately and intuitively recogised through configurable colour patterns
  • User-specific adaption of the color scale
  • Extensive print functions
  • Saving HEATMAP-variants
  • User-friendly operation (zoom-function, 3D-rotation)


OrgaFile is an interactive job chart for visualising a company structured by job families, sub-families, positions, established positions and per-sons. It acts as a self-service-job chart for manager and HR-Controllers, for calling up KPIs directly in the job-structure and administrating the matching positions and established positions. Thanks to OrgaFile there is a digital file for each person in the company which can among other things contain all mater data as well as all HR-relevant information.

  • Functional structuring of the organization in job families, sub-families, positions, established positions
  • Presentation of causal relationships
  • Position- and established positions details incl. print function
  • Employee profile: HR-relevant information about established position holders
  • Display of relevant statistics and KPIs in the structural fields
  • Time management
  • Absence management
  • Management of Payroll-related data (e.g. transaction data) and pay slips
  • Editable selected contents and transfer into the primary system via the activation of workflows corresponding to authorizations
  • Easy generation of job announcements through job descriptions in the system


ORGAPLANNING is based on ORGAMAPS and is an interactive designer for strategic personnel planning and simulation of changes in an organizational structure. It acts as a tool for Managers and HR-Planners to be able make changes dynamically with the aid of the system’s graphic user interface and compare scenarios based on KPIs and prognoses and thus support the decision-making processes.

  • Dynamic re-structuring via Drag’n’Drop
  • Save, delete and move established positions and organizational units
  • Extensive print functions
  • Saving plan variants
  • Transfer into the primary system possible (control of workflows)
  • History of changes completed
  • Simulation and planning of organizational changes
  • Display of the effects on KPIs (e.g. rate of return, personnel costs ratio)
  • Comparison of scenarios


OrgAlive® can use your existing information thanks to a flexible and comprehensive interface architecture. You can integrate our system seamlessly into your system landscape and continue to use your current ERP- or personnel management system. All leading HR-systems such as those of Oracle®, SAP® or PeopleSoft®, etc. can be connected bidirectionally using a standard interface. OrgAlive® can be connected universally via scaleable databases (Microsoft SQL Server®), XML-, CSV- (Excel), ODBC- and LDAP-interfaces or REST-API to any number of information sources.


If you decide on the cloud-variant: Our servers are in a German computing center with multiply-redundant internet connections to the main exchange nodes in 3 countries, independent, uninterrupted power supply with diesel-aggregates and multiple-line power feeds, access control with video surveillance at all angles, early fire detection systems and much more. All of our systems lie behind secure firewalls and are protected against unauthorized access. Passwords are protected with Hash and Salt encrypted storage. Dictionary- and Brute-Force-attacks are guarded against using suitable measures. At no time are personal data released to unauthorized third parties. In OrgAlive® the entire connection is encrypted. This makes intercepting communications impossible.


The module design makes it possible to select from functions according to your needs. Expansions can be easily added and everything will work together prerfectly. Thanks to modern surface technology OrgAlive® functions in every up-to-date web browser entirely without plug-ins. We use HTML5 and so offer a suitable Rich-Client. The responsive design of OrgAlive® makes it possible to use it on any end-devices from desktop computers to smartphones.